Four Seasons Room

Extend Your Living Space with a Sunroom

Enjoying Mid-Missouri weather is best done with a four seasons room. When you add a four seasons room to your home, you get to spend more time in your backyard all year long. Sip your morning coffee with an incredible view of the falling snow, or watch the sunset in the summer without the sticky humidity and pesky bugs swarming you.

Manor has a team of experts who can create a four seasons room that is an extension of your home and blends seamlessly from your existing home into the new addition. We can match your siding and roofing while using high-quality materials to create a space that will stand the test of time and hold up to the harsh weather of Mid-Missouri. Your new addition will look like it was always there.

Transform Your Backyard

The addition of a four seasons room will transform your backyard into an oasis of relaxation. Trying to enjoy the outdoors in Mid-Missouri can be difficult with the drastic shifts in weather, pesky mosquitoes, and harsh UV rays. A four seasons room gives you the ability to enjoy the great outdoors any time of day, no matter what season. You are sure to exponentially enjoy entertaining friends and family, or simply relaxing solo at the end of a long day if you know you can control the temperature and have no worries about uninvited pests ruining the fun.


Four season rooms have tons of advantages over a deck or even a screened-in porch. A four seasons room is built with insulated panes so you can have temperature-controlled heating and cooling in the space, keeping it comfortable no matter the weather. You can also opt for UV protection to increase comfort and protect the interior from sun damage.


By adding a four seasons room to your home, you are adding additional living space which increases the value of your home. So the return on investment is something to consider! Many potential homebuyers are looking for a home renovation or addition that will set one home apart from others and a four seasons room is sure to stand out.