Gutter Replacement FAQs: Gutter Installation Cost and More

Gutters are your home’s best defense against rain, snow, and ice, designed to direct water away from your foundation. If your gutters aren’t working properly, it may be time to replace them. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if a gutter replacement is in your near future, including how much does gutter installation cost? 

Do I Really Need to Replace My Gutters?

More than likely, you’d love to get another year or two out of your gutters, but sometimes you can’t put off installing new gutters any longer. There may be a variety of reasons your gutters need to be replaced. If your gutters are leaking in several areas, your gutters are not draining properly, or if they have been damaged beyond repair, it might be time to replace them. If you are updating other exterior aspects of your home, you may also want to replace your gutters simply because they look worn out or will no longer match the new style of your home. 

What Type of Gutters Should I Get?

Determining the right type of gutters for your home relies on a few different factors. The size of your home, how much rain you receive on a regular basis, and the amount of trees on your property are all things to consider. You may also want to think about the gutter style and color to ensure you are going to be happy with how they look on your home once installed. 

Do I Also Need to Replace My Downspouts?

Without fully functioning downspouts, your gutters won’t be able to effectively move water away from your roof and foundation. If you are replacing your gutters, it is wise to replace your downspouts as well. This ensures that you won’t need to replace them next year, and they will also fit properly with your new gutters and be working great. 

How Long Will New Gutters Last?

New gutter systems are likely to last longer than your old one did. Some older gutters may have been installed with gutter spikes, while new aluminum gutters may use screw-in hidden hangers. It’s important to know that one of the biggest factors that contribute to the lifespan of your gutters is whether or not you maintain them properly by keeping them clean and repairing damage as soon as you notice it. 

How Long Does Gutter Installation Take?

When planning for a gutter install project, you will want to consider how long it will take. When you hire a professional, most often, the project will take less than a day to complete. However, depending on the size and configuration of your house, it could take longer. 

How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost?

Knowing the gutter installation cost depends on a variety of factors. The size of your home, the type of gutters you want, the size of gutters you choose, the current cost of materials, and more all play into the total cost of materials and installation. One of the best ways to get an accurate gutter installation cost is to get an estimate from a professional. They can come to your home and make an accurate assessment to give you a quote on the total price. 

Get a Gutter Installation Cost Estimate from Manor

If you’re ready for a new gutter system for your current home or for a new build, Manor can help. We use thick, high-quality gutters that will last, and our team of installers will get the job done correctly the first time. When using top-of-the-line gutters, you may find that fewer repairs and replacements are needed down the road. Having a durable gutter system will allow for the expansion and contraction that happens with the drastic weather changes and strong winds that often occur in Mid-Missouri. Contact us to get a free estimate on gutter installation costs today.