Mar 15, 2022
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The Benefit of Window Replacement

When it comes to windows, the days of single-pane glass and plain wood frames are long gone. Previously simple construction components now showcase a surprising degree of sophistication thanks to design and manufacturing advances. As windows age, they can consume a significant amount of energy, appear outdated, and cause other issues in the home. The amount of benefit of window replacement is vast.

A new window instillation with picture windows can provide unobstructed views letting in more light. The type of window chosen in different areas of the home can completely transform a common area, dining room view, or bedroom.

When Should You Replace Your Windows?

Typically, the windows in your home have a lifespan of 15-20 years. After this point, the seals weaken or fail, which can expose you to a draft or water leakage. If your windows are approaching this age, it’s likely time to consider replacing them. Plus, 15+ years ago, single-pane windows were the norm, but modern-double pane windows have more insulation that single-pane just doesn’t. Aside from age, replacing your windows is a good idea if:

  • Your windows are visibly damaged
  • Your electric bill has gone up without another explanation
  • Your windows are drafty
  • Your windows don’t dampen sound
  • Condensations forms on the inside of your windows

Benefits of Window Replacement

Save On Your Energy Bill

As a homeowner, you’re probably always looking for ways to reduce your monthly energy costs. This is a major benefit of window replacement. New windows are built to protect and preserve your home environment better than ever before. New windows are better insulated and decrease drafts, making them more energy-efficient. As a result, you’ll save money on your utility costs, reduce the stress on your heating or cooling system, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce Noise

Many homeowners are shocked at how much quieter their home is after updating their windows. This may be a more unexpected benefit of window replacement, but your old windows may be letting a lot of unwanted noise into your home. Whether it’s noise from traffic, construction, or your neighbors, single-pane windows simply can’t keep noise out like double-pane or triple-pane windows can.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal and Home Value

New windows can do wonders for the curb appeal of your home, both outside and in. There are plenty of options to choose from when picking out new windows – fiberglass, wood, aluminum, or composite all come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement your existing style and color scheme or change things up to create a fresh look. Prospective buyers find new windows appealing since they know they won’t have to replace them for a long time. With new windows, potential homebuyers will also know that their energy bill will be lower. Replacing old wood windows with new ones is a popular replacement project. Wood windows are highly customizable to match existing wood within the home.

Reduce Allergens

How often do you take the time to clean your window blinds or curtains? It is a task that most homeowners put off until it’s absolutely necessary. A huge benefit of window replacement is that you can install windows with built-in shades or blinds. Having them sandwiched between the panes of glass means you can quickly and easily wipe the glass clean! Plus, you won’t have to worry about the cords hanging down and creating a hazard for kids and pets.

UV shades built in between the panes of glass cuts down on dust keeping the home cleaner, while improving energy efficiency, and keeping the home cooler.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping old windows clean and maintained can be a pain, but today’s newer windows make it much easier for any homeowner to keep them squeaky clean. Wooden window frames need refinishing every few years, while composite frames require so little upkeep that they’re practically maintenance-free. Vinyl windows never need new paint or refinishing and are easy to wipe down and will look great for years to come. Pella windows in vinyl are high performance sliding windows that are easy to open and close. Tilt-in window frames and sashes make it possible to clean the exterior of the windows while still inside the house, which is a huge plus.

Better Safety

New storm windows are frequently built of tempered glass or laminated glass, which are unlikely to shatter into sharp, jagged pieces if damaged. New windows may also have security measures such as locks and sensors that make them more difficult to force open or break into. It’s also worth noting that newer windows are more functional than older ones that may have been bent or possibly even painted shut. In the event of a house fire or other emergency, modern windows provide a potential escape route. Windows are either operable or fixed. An assessment should be done of all new windows that would need to be operable meaning they can be opened.

Ready to Replace Your Windows?

Every window that we install at Manor Roofing is a wise investment for your home. Our windows are energy-efficient, beautiful, and made to last for years to come. We work exclusively with Marvin and Pella to offer our customers the best they can get. Whether you’re needing a window installation or windows replaced, Manor Roofing will get the job done right and on time. Contact us today to start a window replacement project.

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