May 18, 2022
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What To Do When You Have Hail Damage To Vinyl Siding

Assessing the Condition of Your Siding After a Hail Storm

When a storm blows through and pelts your home with hail, the first thing you may want to do when it’s over is check for damage. Identifying hail damage to vinyl siding is not always easy. Sometimes the damage is obvious, but often it can be subtle and difficult to see with an untrained eye. If you think you have hail damage, call a professional to do an inspection and help you determine your options for siding repairs. It is important to do a visual assessment of your siding after a hail storm. Only begin to do so after it is safe. If you don’t feel safe, schedule a professional siding inspection.

What Does the Damage Look Like?

Some hail damage may be very obvious. You might see large holes in your siding and pieces of siding scattered on the ground. You may also, unfortunately, have damaged windows, shutters, or doors. However, some hail damage to vinyl siding is less apparent. There may be cracks in siding that run parallel to the grain of the siding. This can make damage difficult to identify. Siding can have small chips at the bottom of the panel ridge. Siding cracks and chips can be underneath the panels.

How Old is Your Siding?

The older your siding gets, the more brittle it can become. Overtime, vinyl siding loses its flexibility and can become more susceptible to being cracked and damaged even during a mild hail storm.

What is the Quality of Your Siding?

Vinyl siding is rated by its grade or thickness. Vinyl siding can range in thicknesses from 0.35mm up to 0.55mm. The thinner your siding is, the higher the chances are that it will sustain damage from hail.

What is the Current Condition of Your Siding?

The condition and integrity of your siding can vary on any given side of your home. The southern facing side of your home is likely to get more sun, while the western facing siding may experience more wind and rain. These things can impact the durability of your siding and could make it more likely to become damaged by hail.

Get the Help of a Siding Professional

If you think there may be any damage to your siding, calling a professional is the next step to take. If you’re unsure whether or not there is damage, don’t worry, finding a siding company that does free inspections will allow you to get a professional assessment without being charged if there is no damage. A reputable company will make an honest assessment, so be sure to call a company you trust. If you think you will want to make an insurance claim for siding damage, you will need a professional inspection that includes any and all damage to your home caused by the hail.

What If I Don’t Call a Professional?

Leaving potential hail damage to vinyl siding untouched is not recommended. Even small cracks or holes in your siding can allow water to get in and result in more damage to your home that will inevitably be much more expensive to fix down the road. Leaving cracks unaddressed can result in those cracks multiplying as it is exposed to more wind, rain, and sun. If you wait too long, you may begin to have issues with mildew, mold, rot, and pests.

Call Manor Roofing to Inspect Your Siding

The professionals at Manor Roofing understand that your home’s siding serves a very important purpose, and repairing damaged siding swiftly is critical after a storm. Manor Roofing is partnered with James Hardie Siding through their Associated Contractor Program. The world-leading fiber cement siding and backer board company. They offer siding that is five times thicker than vinyl siding, making it resistant to hail damage and able to withstand winds up to 150 MPH. Call today at 573-445-4770 or visit the website to schedule a free estimate and assessment of the hail damage to your siding.

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