Sep 10, 2022

Common Commercial Roof Problems

Common Commercial Roof Problems

While having a commercial roof that lasts forever is ideal, you will need to do some maintenance on it from time to time. Take a look at these common commercial roof problems to keep an eye out for so you can stop a small problem before it becomes a major issue.

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Roof Leaks

One of the most common commercial roof problems is leaks. When moisture gets through the roof, it can cause a whole host of problems that you may not notice until it’s too late. When you have a leaky roof, moisture is able to penetrate into the interior of the building, which puts you at risk for mold. Roof leaks can be caused by a number of different things, so be sure you take action at the first sign of a leak. The sooner you address a roof leak, the less money you will need to spend repairing it and other damage the leak may have caused.

Standing Water

Often, commercial roofs are flat, making them more prone to pooling or standing water. Poor design or improper installation can contribute to this, as well as debris that has collected on the roof such as leaves, sticks, or even bird nests. If water isn’t able to drain off the roof, it can deteriorate sections of the roof prematurely, and if water collects and freezes, it could cause cracking and leaks.

Damaged Flashing

Walls, chimneys, and other objects on the roof have flashing installed around them to keep water away from the roof joints and seams. If the flashing was installed poorly, it could be letting water into small holes. Flashing can also become damaged in a storm by high winds that may compromise the integrity of a commercial roof. Roofing flashing can have internal leaks. Flashing joints are prone to leaks around vents, chimneys, and skylights, and should be inspected regularly.

Roof Punctures

Since they are often flat, one of the common commercial roof problems you may see are punctures in the roof. Building owners will sometimes choose to utilize the additional space on the roof and it ends up seeing a lot of foot traffic which could cause damage. If your roof doubles as a space where people can walk, keep an eye out for pictures or tears in the membranes which could allow moisture in.

Poor Installation

Another one of the most common commercial roof problems is poor installation. While you may not have been involved during the current roof’s installation, you may have to deal with the consequences of someone else’s poor workmanship. Choosing a roofing contractor with the proper experience, licensing, certifications, and training will ensure that the roof will hold up like it’s supposed to.

Exposure to the Elements

Unfortunately, this roof issue isn’t one that can be avoided. A roof’s job is to protect the building under it, so naturally, it takes most of the abuse from the elements. Harsh UV rays, extreme weather, heat, and animals can take a toll on a roof over time.

Roof Age

Another unavoidable roof issue is how old the roof is. A commercial roof can last, 20-30 years depending on various factors. But once your roof has aged too much, it will start to need one repair after another, and that can really start to add up and is unsustainable.

Delaying Maintenance and Inspections

Checking in on your roof may be low on your to-do list, but having regularly scheduled commercial roof inspections and maintenance can save you the time, expense, and headache of many of these issues mentioned above. A roofing professional can spot minor issues well before you would even know there was a problem. Making a minor fix now could save you thousands of dollars.

Having Commercial Roofing Issues?

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